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Sometimes, we all need something to gain inspiration from. If you want to give your users some fresh social media content, you have to analyze the type of content you’re producing and get a grasp on the content that gains the most traction. With the right categories, you can target general audiences on the internet that is valuable for your industry.

Users go to social media for a variety of reasons, and here are five reasons users may have ended up on your profile:


You want to put your business out there, but you also want to make sure that you’re entertaining your followers.  Content that entertains is the content that users look forward to following.

Some ideas for fun content include:

  • Memes
  • Gifs
  • Videos
  • Vacations


You’re using social media to promote your business!  Social media marketing is an effective way of putting your business out there, but some of your content should be relevant to your services.

Some ideas for promotional content can be:

  • Email newsletters
  • Client testimonials
  • Discounts or giveaways
  • Products
  • Services


The way we receive our news has changed over the years from reading the newspaper to getting breaking news coverage right on our Facebook newsfeeds.  While you want to be entertaining, you always want to educate your followers and inform them on the latest trends in your industry.

Some educational content includes:

  • Links from reputable sources in your industry
  • Tutorials
  • Case studies


Social media is all about building a relationship between the business and the customer.  When your content includes posts that are more personable, users will feel like they are connecting with a business that values not just their product, but also the customer.

Some ideas for having “connecting” posts include:

  • Employee spotlights
  • Events
  • Thanking fans
  • Product reviews
  • Social media polls
  • Ask forums


Who doesn’t love a good #MondayMotivation quote or a #FitnessRoutine on Instagram or Facebook?  Inspirational posts are always popular and shine a sliver of hope on your followers’ newsfeeds.

Your content can be motivating while being subtly promotional by using posts such as:

  • Quotes
  • Fun facts
  • Personal stories
  • Training

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