Common SEO Terms You Should Know

SEO terms that are used to describe web and online marketing can often be confusing. Below are essential SEO terms to help web developers and marketers understand how to optimize their website.

SERP – (Search Engine Results Page) is where all organic and paid listings are displayed after doing a search.

Robots.txt – Text file that tells the search engines which pages to index or crawl. Websites add pages to their robot.txt file that should not be crawled which can organic traffic results.

Sitemap – A sitemap is a blueprint of your website. This file is crawled by search engines and submitted to Google Webmaster Tools.

Local Pack – This refers to the collection of local business listings at the top of search results.

Canonicalization – This process is important when dealing with duplicate content. It occurs when you access an exact web page from numerous URLs. It also notifies search engines which page will index and rank. This process is important when dealing with duplicate content.

Redirects – If a URL is changed, a 301 redirect ensures that users and search engines direct you to the correct page.

Rich snippets – This is additional information that shows up in search result listings with more description. Rich snippets can include reviews, images and breadcrumb navigation. This can lead to having higher click through rate from search results.

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