Common SEO Problems Often Overlooked

Search Engine Optimization, also known as “SEO” is the process of improving your websites rankings in search engine results organically. SEO is a never ending process and continuously working hard on your SEO campaign is essential. Once your SEO strategies have settled in and your website starts ranking across search engines, it may be easy to overlook common SEO problems. Some SEO problems are not so overt on the surface but could be impacting your rankings behind the scenes. Here are five common SEO problems that website owners tend to overlook. 

1. Subpar Website Speed

It is important to have a grasp of how quickly your website loads pages compared to other websites. Sure, your website pages may load, but if they take more than 3 seconds to do so, it may not be ideal for users. It is important to keep in mind that even if you are content with your website page loading speeds, users may not be. 

2. Duplicate Content 

While having content on your website is essential, avoiding duplicate content is just as important. Duplicate content can affect search engine result rankings and easily be detected by Google. Whether duplicate content ended up on your website intentionally or unintentionally, it is important to revise it once you notice it. One easy way to avoid duplicate content is to make sure every page on your website is unique. 

3. Poorly Written Title Tags and Meta Descriptions 

Every page of written content on a website should not only have title tags and meta descriptions, but well written title tags and meta descriptions. In some cases, website owners write short title tags and meta descriptions lacking keywords. For title tags, it is essential to incorporate keywords relating to the page and the brand name. Meta descriptions should also involve keywords and a write up that entices users to click through. 

4. Not Keeping Up with SEO Trends

SEO trends are constantly changing. It is important to keep that in mind so your SEO efforts do not go to waste. For example, Google usually has a few algorithm updates a year. Staying on top of SEO trends will allow your website to stay relevant. 

5. Negative Online Reviews 

Online reviews are as popular as common as ever. Unfortunately, some businesses receive some negative reviews that either are not fair or are spam. If this happens to you, it is important to address the issue and try to fix it as soon as possible. A fake negative review that is allowed to stay up can hinder your business and website traffic. 

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