Common SEO Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

Search engine optimization is one of the most important and advantageous features to have for your website. In a time when marketing is increasingly online, and there seem to be no signs of it slowing, SEO is nearly a must-have if you want to get more eyes on your website and stay ahead of competitors. Though important, achieving a successful SEO strategy isn’t always simple, and can often result in errors and mistakes. In today’s blog, we’ll be discussing just this: common mistakes that are made in SEO that you’ll want to avoid. For more information, keep on reading below!

Omitting Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

When you make a search query with a search engine, usually, you’ll be greeted with many results. If they are well-optimized for SEO, they will have page titles and meta descriptions, which are important assets for your websites. Whether you’re publishing a blog post or an ‘About Us’ page to your website, be sure to add a page title and meta descriptions to all pieces of content, as they increase SEO visibility.

Not Adding Alternative Text to Images

Most of the content on your site will have images of some kind, which, as it turns out, you can optimize for peak SEO performance. More specifically, you should add alternative text to your images, which is text that briefly describes what is being shown. This not only makes your website more accessible but also SEO-friendly – which helps to get more visitors to your website and grow your brand.

Duplicate Content

When you produce a piece of content, you’ll want to ensure that it is informative, credible, and perhaps most importantly, original. As it turns out, plagiarism is highly disapproved of in the world of SEO, even if you are plagiarising your own website. Better known as duplicate content, it’s ideal to make sure that there are no two matching pieces of content on your website. This includes page titles and meta descriptions, as it can have a negative effect on your website’s SEO.

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