Common SEO Mistakes That Impact Your Websites Rankings

Having a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan is essential for businesses in 2021. Even for those who follow along and implement the best SEO practices for their respective website, mistakes are made along the way. Avoid these common SEO mistakes to improve your search ranking in 2021!

Duplicate Content

One of the most common errors with websites is having duplicate content. Duplicate content is bad because Google has algorithms that punish websites when they detect duplicate content on a website. Having duplicate content is a critical mistake when it comes to SEO because it will affect your website’s rank on search engines. Avoid duplicate content by being proactive and looking out for identical content or pages on your website. A good way to combat having duplicate content is eliminating a piece of content you notice is too similar to another piece of content on your website. Another good way to manage duplicate content is to utilize a rel canonical tag. Rel canonical tags are useful because they allow site owners to tell Google which content is original and which is not.

Index Tags

By now, you are probably familiar with “crawlers” in terms of SEO. Crawlers are in essence bots that scour the internet and web pages, take in information, and play a part in how websites rank and appear on search engines. This process is also called indexing. Indexing your website’s pages is important because you need to communicate with search engines by letting them know what you what people to find. On the flip side, a common SEO mistake is not indexing a page on your website you do not want crawlers to crawl and index. Always keep track of what pages you want to be indexed and what pages you do not and communicate that information using one of the many search engine tools.

Quality Content

Last but definitely not least, having good content on your website is imperative. Content should be original, creative, and exciting. In addition to avoiding duplicate content, having content that is not too low in word count is helpful. Using too many words isn’t helpful for the user or reader either so it is ideally best to write between 400-450 words in regards to a blog post or page. By fulfilling this word count, you are also ensuring you have more than enough keywords which will come in handy in search engine result pages.

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