Common SEO Mistakes Everyone Makes

If you are just starting to build a website or have been running one for years, we have all been known to make some mistakes when trying to achieve better SEO. Read below to find out some common mistakes made trying to boost SEO!

Non-Secure Sites

Something that can be easily overlooked is not securing your site which unfortunately can lead to a lot of problems. Securing your site is an essential tool for protecting your content while also boosting SEO. Most website owners do not realize their sites aren’t secured until their sites are hacked or get penalized from a Google update. Securing your site may take some time with a lot of steps but it is worth it in the long run when it comes to your website.

Slow Load Times

Google doesn’t specifically tell us how fast website load times need to be in order to receive positive SEO. However what we do know is that on a mobile site, if the load time is more than three seconds long users will leave the site. Three seconds is a very hard bar to hit (even more for major corporations) so do not worry if you can’t hit this immediately. However, if your websites are loading above five seconds, this is a cause for concern. Luckily Google makes it easy for us to check our websites; just cope your URL & paste it into one of Google’s speed checkers & you will see how your website is doing.

Not Using Images Alt Text

Alt tags are such as an easy way to boost SEO. When putting a picture connected with an image on a blog or on your website Google will ask you to leave a description & alt text. A one-sentence description is all it takes to boost SEO on your page with that image.




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