Coming Soon to Google AdWords: Account-Level Sitelinks

In a tweet yesterday, Google announced that it would be adding account level sitelinks to Google AdWords. Normally, Google’s mysterious algorithms would only show your sitelinks underneath an organic search result, when it thought it was relevant to the user’s search. Now they will also begin appearing in any of the ads in your account.

Although you may not see it on your dashboard yet, an option will eventually show in the new sitelink extension from the Ad extensions tab. You will be able to choose “Account” or “Campaign”. If your campaigns and ad groups don’t have their respective sitelinks set, Google will automatically use account-level sitelinks.

If you are not using sitelinks yet, here is a list of benefits to having them:

• They offer potential customers more chances to click on your listing.
• They update easily for different campaigns, sales, & special offers so you don’t have to keep making new ones.
• You can create custom sitelinks for mobile optimization.
• When you edit your sitelinks, it won’t reset their performance statistics.
• You are able to see detailed data about the clicks on your sitelinks.
• Specify when you want sitelinks to show (days & time).

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