Cleaning Up Old Content on Your Site, Update or Delete?

Over time, content on your websites become irrelevant or out of date. The question is, do you update the content or delete it? Here are a few insights on whether you should update the already existing content or just delete it altogether.

Update old content that is still valid

There are some blogs and pieces of content on websites that are still relevant and valid. If that is the case, updating the content is the way to go. For example, if you have a blog post informing people about Google algorithms, it is best to update the content as the algorithms change. As Google indexes your website it will notice if the content is updated or not. If the content is always updated Google will continue to rank your website higher than if the content is not updated.

A blog on Google’s algorithms helps people understand how Google ranks their website and what they need to do to rank higher, even though the advice changes over time. Content, in this case, must be updated to keep with the latest standards.

You can always create new and valuable content from old posts if you update the content to make it current again. You can merge blogs together that have the same subject into one new post. If you do this, remember to redirect old post URLs to the new blog post. This will help Google understand that the content was updated and is still there.

Delete irrelevant posts or pages

It is best to delete content that is no longer relevant to your website. For example, if you wrote a blog about a holiday special that ends after the holiday, you will want to delete this page from your website. Since the content is not relevant and will not become relevant again then it is unnecessary to have on your website. When Google finds irrelevant content they may rank you lower since your content is not informative anymore.

A few other reasons you should delete content are 1. If it has had no visits from Google in 90 days, and no impressions or very few 2. Has had no visits at all from any other traffic source 3. Has no important backlinks pointing to it.

Cleaning out old content from your website should be a part of your regular website maintenance. Going through old posts is essential so you have the most updated, informative information possible, your Google ranking depends on it. Therefore, go through all your old posts and decide whether you want to update, merge or delete it!

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