Chrome Extensions to Make Your SEO Efforts Run Effortlessly

SEO tasks can sometimes seem redundant due to all of the maintenance work it entails to ensure your site is up to par. For those of you who wish you could find a way to check for your SEO efforts efficiently, we have your answer.

Google Chrome provides tools that can help assist you in checking for your SEO quickly, allowing you to be more productive throughout your work day. This comes in the form of certain chrome extensions that have shown it’s functionality to serve SEO positively.

Need to Create Full page Screenshots with Video Capability? 

Nimbus is an extension google chrome offers that allow you to take screenshots and screencast to provide visuals for your clients when monthly reports come around. It can also be used to show where there is a visible problem on your side when a client is not able to see the actual error or problem. Not only does Nimbus take full page screenshots, it also has video capabilities which grant you access to make videos in the occurrence that you need to demonstrate SEO work done for your client.

Need to review your site for broken links ?
Not a problem, Chrome has an extension that does it for you. This extension is called Check my links. The Check my links app crawls your site thoroughly to ensure your web page has no broken links.What is helpful about this extension is that it does not require much work with a few clicks you are able to receive results that help you identify  how many links are on a web page as well as what links are working properly and which aren’t.  This helps you, the SEO expert  redirect broken links to a link that leads to actual content.

Do you need to make sure your word count is under a certain limit?

As Apple has famously stated, “I have an App for that.” That app is called the Word Count extension exclusively for Chrome. The Wordcount extension helps you keep track of  the number of words in a page by simply activating it on your context menu. For PC users, your context menu can be accessed by right-clicking or for Mac by clicking ‘ctrl-click.’ WordCount allows you an overview of words selected and tells you the number. Word Count cuts down the time of having to copy and paste a paragraph on Word and reviewing it that way.

Are you working on Link Remediation? Need a tool to help ? 

As an SEO expert, there are times when you have to work through links and open numerous URLS at once for you to effectively complete your tasks. The Open Multiple URLs extension for Chrome makes doing so one hundred times easier. The reason why ? This tool allows you to load a list of a number of URLs  without having to open multiple tabs. Instead, with this extension you have the option of selecting which URLS you would like to work through and open only the selected bunch.

Finding innovative ways to make your job more efficient is exactly what SEO experts should strive for.  As we help clients on a daily basis, we realize that in order to complete more tasks and gain more traffic to our websites we must find new techniques of how to do so to get more done during the day, that is exactly what these extensions provide.



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