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Chrome Browsing Coming To VR Headsets & Augmented Reality Coming To Chrome

Google’s goal of making the web more compelling and immersive has just gotten a lot more exciting. During the second day of Google I/O made two announcements tied to Chrome that will definitely be eye opening. One statement is that Google is bringing Chrome browser to virtual reality (VR). The second statement is that Google will be bringing augmented reality (AR) into the Chrome browser.

Previously, Google created a web VR spec that allows developers to create VR (360-degree) experiences for the browser. Now, Google said that it was bringing the full browser to VR headsets. For regular pages, you’ll see the same 2D experience, but web VR experiences will be fully 3D in a VR headset. Later this year, Google announced that the ability to bookmark pages and view browser history will be available in VR headsets.

Augmented reality, such as Pokemon Go, will be coming to the Chrome browser which is a big change in it of itself. Nowadays, mobile apps permit users to have AR experiences. With the popularity of AR rising, Google wanted to go one step further. Now, instead of mobile apps permitting users for AR experiences, Google will bring these AR experiences to conventional web pages in the Chrome browser.

This idea will allow developers to easily integrate AR features into existing websites. As cool as this AR idea seems, it is said it will be built into an experimental version of Chrome that is not yet available to the masses. However, Google and other third parties are working tirelessly to have this idea become a reality over the next year or so.

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