Checklist for Developing a PPC Landing Page

A good landing page is absolutely essential for any Pay-Per-Click strategy. Gaining clicks and website visits is just the first part of the process.

After someone has reached your website, you need to be sure that your landing page has met the expectations and needs of the customer. As well as turning your clicks into physical conversions, the quality of your landing page also has an impact on Google’s Quality Score. This alters your bidding cost, ad position and option for specific ad extensions.

Here is a checklist you should run through when developing a PPC landing page:

  1. Which type of landing page should you use? Two landing page options are bespoke landing pages and those that are already integrated into the website. Integrated landing pages are created as part of the site design. Bespoke landing pages are built specifically for the ad and campaign in mind. Bespoke landing pages are more tightly focused on getting those conversions while integrated pages have more of an SEO benefit. A possible solution could be optimizing an existing integrated page for your current campaign.
  2. Be sure that your landing page is relevant to the PPC Ad.
  3. The images you use on a landing page can have a huge impact. Be sure to put some serious thought into the graphics you select.
  4. Consider reducing the amount of navigation options a visitor has. We don’t want to put a user in a “dead-end” situation but reducing the number of navigation options could eliminate possible distractions.
  5. The language and graphics used on your landing page should be tied together with your PPC Ad.
  6. Don’t let old and out of date landing pages just sit around. Using a 301 redirect will avoid customers viewing an out of date and invalid page.
  7. Not everyone who reaches your landing page will want to immediately sign up or buy from you. Simply offer a number to speak with someone or an email sign up option for updates about your product or service.
  8. Include social media links or testimonials into your pages. Well known social media icons or reviews reinforces the overall quality and legitimacy of your brand.
  9. Make sure your landing page is mobile friendly.
  10. Your landing page should load quickly. Google takes load time into their quality score but also, people will become frustrated and will leave if they have to wait too long.

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