Changes To Make After HTTPS Migration

By now you are aware of the changes Google announced in regards to non HTTPS websites. If you aren’t, essentially Google announced that they would be marking HTTP websites as non-secure in search results on Chrome starting “sometime in October”.  If you have already migrated your hosting from HTTP to HTTPS, good job! But there are still some more steps to take to make sure everything is in order.

After you switch from HTTP TO HTTPS

After you make the switch you should log in to Google Analytics. Click the property in question then go to Admin > View Settings > Change website’s URL from https:// to https://
This will make sure Analytics is properly tracking website traffic and conversions after your migration.
Next you should log into Google Search Console. Add the and as properties. After you add both versions of HTTPS URL’s set your new perferred domain.
By completing theses steps you are ensuring that your website traffic is properly measured, and that you are on top of any issues that may happen with your new URL.



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