Challenges with PR in the Digital Era

Public relation specialist are seeing a change in the way they do things in the digital era. With the advancements in technology and the dozens of social networks popping up, you have to make sure to cover all your channels that a customer could see your brand. Here are some things to think about:

Mobile – With the shift of searches going mobile, your PR must change as well. Your PR must look good on smaller screens and across all mobile devices.  This means everything from smartphones to tablets must be accounted for.

Real-time crisis monitoring – When a video or picture or review goes viral, it can spread to millions of people within days, or even hours. Most crisis experts agree: it’s not a matter of if your company will experience a crisis, but when. PR agencies and corporate staff must act quickly when they identify one of the warning signs of a crisis.

Transparency – If a negative review is posted about your business on the internet, it is best to acknowledge the mistake and do everything you can to fix it.  In the digital age, honesty is everything.  If you get caught trying to cover something up, it will help the bad press spread even more quickly.

The Power of Images – Image driven content increases consumer engagement, retention and also drives more sales. Facebook and Pinterest bring in the most revenue per visitor thanks to their focus on images. Instagram is not far behind. Old journalism and press releases are a thing of the past.  Soon they will be replaces with videos and social media posts.

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