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Celebrities are interesting people, and we often have many questions and wonder about our favorite celebs. What do you usually do when you can’t contain your curiosity? Usually, ask Google right? This process gets the job done and answers all your questions for the most part, but answers just got more personal than ever.


Now, when you’re doing a mobile search wondering if Will Ferrell can actually play the drums, a short selfie style video will appear with Ferrell himself answering your question. Videos are on a slider as well so you can see Ferrell, or whatever celebrity you may be inquiring about, answer many different questions. Google has partnered with many big-name celebrities to answer your questions in a more personal way instead of just reading some text.


The celebrities themselves are answering questions about them, putting their own personal touch on them and representing their own personalities. It allows people to interact with the world of celebrities personal lives a little more, plus it is fun.
This update is still new and is only available in the US for mobile browsers. There is a limited number of celebrities who have provided entertaining video answers to their curious fans, but Google did announce that this number will grow in the time to come.


While it may not have much SEO value, add it to the list of recent Google interface updates, like their new Google Flights window. Curious queries looking for information about celebrities’ personal lives is an extremely common search, and people interested in celebs lives is an even larger demographic, and Google recognizes this. Celebrities being able to answer questions on camera in their own style, showing their own personalities, allows them to connect with their fans in a way that has never been done before. It is a more personal feel and almost like you’re having a conversation with your favorite actor or singer. If your favorite personality doesn’t have a video out yet, be patient, Google expects this feature to continue, and the feedback they have received so far has been positive.

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