Car Dealerships And Google My Business

If you are a current car dealership owner looking to boost conversions or thinking about starting one, Boston Web Marketing has the latest news on the benefits of Google My Business and car dealerships. Google My Business should be one of the first things a new business owner should set up; this platform allows you to be found on the Google Results Page, as well as allow your business to be rated & reviewed by customers. To better understand how to set up Google My Business read our blog on it here!

Discovery Searches

In Googles latest update, they recovered data from over 45,000 businesses and internet users interacted with their GMB listings.  Out of all business Car, dealerships had the most engagements and trends towards their businesses. This is not a very big surprise to Google experts since car dealerships have been known to naturally perform very well in the SERPs because car maintenance is of very high demand. High traffic means high competition, in some areas there, can be as many as 10 dealerships around in a 5-mile radius. Optimizing for your specific car type and top services will help boost conversions to your site and increase traffic volume.

Google Maps

When google researches analyzed google maps they found that car dealerships also were the most viewed. Car dealerships were even viewed more times than restaurants, this was a surprise to google analysts because restaurants are usually the category that is most viewed in maps. The total analysis concluded that users were more spread out from car dealerships than any other category. This means that users are willing to travel farther distances to dealerships specifically than they would to a restaurant or another service. This means dealerships have the opportunity to explain their range of target audience and still pull in conversions from towns away!

What you should do

You should take advantage of all these recent updates from Google with your car dealership! The time to optimize is now on Google my business! If you have any questions or need advice on how to better optimize your car dealership please feel free to give us a call at 857.526.0096

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