Can You See User Actions in Google Search Console?

Looking to make sure your Google platforms have not been updated incorrectly? Then you are in luck because Google has recently announced that the new version of Google Search Console will soon offer history tracking of user actions. This will shows which logged-in user performed significant modifications that could alter the property that you manage on the search console platform.

The changes that could be tracked with this latest feature include:

  • Changing a setting.
  • Validating an issue.
  • Submitting a new sitemap.

A representative from the search engine giant further explained the reasoning behind this addition to the new version of Google Search Console:

“As part of our reinvention of Search Console, we have been rethinking the models of facilitating cooperation and accountability for our users. We decided to redesign the product around cooperative team usage and transparency of action history.”

In addition to this feature, Google has also shed light on other features to come to the new console, with features such as:

  • User management will be an integral part of Search Console.
  • The new version enables users to share a read-only view of reports.
  • The new interface will allow all users to see and manage roles for all users within the property.

Google is constantly evolving, along with the platforms that the company creates, trying to give users the most and best information about their website as possible and this change is just another to add to the list. The new version of Google Search Console has been an exciting transition for webmasters and the new features to come are going to be substantially more helpful.

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