Can You Publish Videos to LinkedIn Company Pages Directly From Vimeo?

Marketers that are looking to boost the traffic and engagement on their LinkedIn will now have the ability to post videos directly from Vimeo. The video sharing platform and professional social media platform have partnered together to integrate direct video sharing via the “Publish to Social” feature within Vimeo. Vimeo will also add information on how these videos perform on LinkedIn and other social platforms when you access the dashboard stats.

Over the past year, Vimeo has been heavily investing to enable an overall distribution hub for video content to be shared across all social platforms, starting with native video. Back in March, LinkedIn created the ability for companies to upload video content directly from their computers to share on their company pages. In addition to native video content, companies could also run video ad campaigns. After monitoring and analyzing the new native video feature, LinkedIn noticed that video content was five times more likely to spark conversation and engagement on a company page.

This information ultimately leading to this partnership with Vimeo that now allows creators to reach more of their target audience in multiple sharing platforms with the “Publish to Social” feature. What is more exciting for Vimeo is that they become the first video platform to integrate with LinkedIn to help promote professional video content.

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