Can You Optimize A Website For Google’s Answer Box?

Google’s Answer Box has been a wonderful addition to the search engine giant for users. This is because the Answer Box has provided the information users are searching for instantly. Yes, Google has been doing that for years but with the Answer Box, users can receive their answer without having to go to different websites to get them. From a user’s standpoint that is fantastic, but from a business’s standpoint, not so much. With Google’s Answer Box giving users the answers they need without needed to go to a website, this decreases potential traffic to your website.

In order to keep up with Google and its answer box, here are some ways you can optimize your website to get clicks from searches in relation to a Google Answer Box.

  • Research – Find out if there is any content that has a Google Answer Box that relates to your website. Once you see that there is, you can start to add to your website to gain more traffic. In addition to creating the similar content, make sure you go into detail so you will have a higher position on the search results page.
  • Be The Source – The Answer Box tends to have a link to a website where the best answer was pulled from. As a business, you want to make sure you are that source. If not, make sure you rank high enough to be close enough to the Answer Box. As the box is at the very top, your website can be right below it, which is another area where there is a high click through rate.
  • Titles & Descriptions – As with any business and good SEO, making sure that your website’s tiles and meta descriptions are optimized is important. In the case for Answer Box, make sure that your description gives the search the impression you have more in depth information on what is being search. As well, add keywords about the search as well as what the searcher would be searching for to get that answer.

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