Can You Measure Content Flow?

Developing a website’s design can be a tedious process in itself when you are trying to market your business with a specific look and vibe, but what is more important and influential not only to a viewer but to search engines is the actual content that is on there.  We’ve heard it before, content is key, and shaping a successful content strategy that targets your ideal audience as well as presents the exact message of your business or brand can be challenging.

This is where content flow comes in, as not only should you be generating text that hits all of your desired topics, you should be prioritizing each idea’s importance and connect each one together in an informative and clear way.  Think of it as an idea tree; your overall business model and brand message resides at the top, while your other more specific areas of focus and marketing branch out underneath.  Ranking each topic’s level of focus will allow you to evaluate how much emphasis each should have in your content and ultimately helps you know where your attention should be.

A simple tool such as this one is a helpful way for any business-owner and content writer to create a chart that allows you to see if your current strategy makes sense and is working.  The beauty of it all is that at any time you are able to remove, replace, edit or add onto content currently on your site.  Evaluating your content flow is a great way to take a look at where your focus has been and offers you a chance to consider whether or not you are getting your brand’s message across clearly and to the right people.


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