Can IAutomate Google Posts?

Google has released a new version of their Google My Business API that comes with some new features to support creating and editing Google Posts. If you are unfamiliar with Google Posts, it is a way for businesses and people to create content directly to Google that can appear highly ranked in Google search results for businesses names. It is a great way for businesses to share discounts, promotions, and events with their audience and online community.
This new version, version 4.0, Google stated that you can now create posts on Google directly through the API. This also means businesses can automate a lot of the posting in the Google Posts interface, similar to the way you can automate and manage posts on other social accounts with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Doing this automation with the help of third-party developers and tool designers.
So far, this new feature is said to be only available to businesses with less than 10 locations. The search engine giant is working on making the feature available for larger chains with 10 or more locations.

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