Can I Use the Same Marketing Strategy for All My social Media Platforms?

Every marketing strategy comes with its own set of challenges, one of them being how to promote your brand with the same message across the board, all while appealing to the masses.
Creating a multi-channel strategy is a great means of keeping your content organized and consistent across all your platforms, as well as having a cohesive message across a number of channels.  More than likely, the social media marketing strategy you have in place will work great across all your channels, but when it comes to posting on certain platforms, you have to use different tactics to appeal to specific audiences.
With a plethora of social media platforms out there, delivering the right message to the right audience means you’ll have to research how your followers engage with your platforms individually, and what users utilize those social media platforms for.  One thing almost every social media platform has in common is user engagement with pictures.
Users love visuals, but the biggest differences when it comes to posting is frequency and type of content.  For example, your posting frequency is going to look different on Pinterest than it will on Twitter or Instagram.  And on those three platforms, your brand will rely heavily on visual content, whereas on Facebook, you can share visuals along with written content like blog posts and articles.
So what can you do to make multi-channel marketing work for your brand?  Three keys to success include:

  1. Understanding who your average audience member – What is it that brought the user to your page? Does the same content appeal to other users? Are you posting the same content on all of your profiles?
  2. Understanding the differences of how users interact with your social media profiles – Do you get more engagement on your photos, blog posts or videos? What kind of content do your followers engage with the most on each platform?
  3. Creating a consistent social media experience for the customer across all platforms – How often do you plan on posting? What the best times for you to post to each individual platform?  What are the most popular times users are engaging with your profiles?

Once you have a solid idea of how your average audience member is, you can revamp your marketing strategy to adhere to a focused vision of how you want to promote you brand using the same content.

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