Can I Target Local Audiences with Email Marketing Campaigns?

With over 269 billion emails being sent every day, email marketing is still a great way to reach potential customers. Unfortunately, only about 22% of retail emails are being opened. It’s also important to note that 45% of emails are being opened on mobile devices, and email marketing is becoming more synonymous with mobile marketing.

The reason this is important to know, is because mobile marketing focuses heavily on local audiences. And if a high percentage of people use their phones to read emails, then you will want to create emails that are attractive to local audiences. If you are unsure of to do this, we have provided 4 tips on creating a locally focused email marketing campaign.

Tailor Offers to Your Customers
Sending offers to your customer is a great way to get more people to open your emails, but if they receive offers they cannot realistically use, they will just end up deleting your email. Try sending offers that are specific to the geographic are of your target customer. Research your audience and ask yourself, “Would my customers rather redeem this coupon in store or through an online storefront?” If you feel like it could go both ways, send out different emails to each target audience, with the right coupon offer.

Add a Personal Touch
Emails that seem like they were automated by robots, are less likely to be opened, than an email that feels like it was written by a human being. Even if you include a great offer, they can seem impersonal and off-putting. One simple change is to send the emails from someone at the company instead of from the company itself. When you write the email, word it a little more casually to make it seem more natural. Also, be sure to share the email on social media so that your followers can engage and share it. Lastly, head out into your local community to events and businesses, and ask people if they would like to subscribe. This way you build your email list with people who are more likely to buy your products and services, and you get to build relationships in person with them.

Integrate Social Media
Building on using social media, it is a great way to engage with your local audience and spread the word about your email marketing campaign. Be sure to use a different offer for your social media post than you do in your email marketing campaign, otherwise people won’t have a reason to be signed up. Also, don’t post the entire email, just a part of it to intrigue followers into signing up, and remember to include a link to subscribe in your post.

Geo Specific Subject Line
A catchy subject line is your first offensive to getting readers to open your email. When targeting local audiences, add a specific city name or state to make it more relevant to them.

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