Can I Preview What My Bing Mobile Ads Look Like?

While we often hear more about Google paid campaigns, Bing certainly has its fair share of users that are utilizing ads as well.  While the current tools and options may not be quite as complex, Bing has in fact spent a good deal of time recently creating more options for users.  Mobile ads on Bing, for instance, can now be previewed before you allow them to go live.  With such a huge percentage of mobile users running searches, it would be silly not to utilize this territory if you are considering an ad campaign.

The tool offers a preview of how ads display on mobile devices, whether it be iOS, Android, Blackberry, Palm webOS or Windows Phone.  Simply select the mobile device option and the operating system and then you are able to view how any mobile ad in particular will appear.  Mobile ads should be short and sweet and provide the most important information about your business and/or the specific service you are featuring.  The ability to take a peak at how it will show up on your phone is not only a convenient feature, but perhaps even one that will allow you to tweak the ad just the right way so that it will catch the eye of more users.

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