Can I Create a Search-Friendly Pinterest Pin?

Pinterest is a social media platform that can be utilized no matter the business. It’s able to help your site gain organic traffic and create community among your followers. Combining SEO with Pinterest can allow any business to develop search-friendly pins to help you get the most out of the platform. Learn more about choosing the best platforms for your business if you are unsure.  

Anatomy of a Pinterest Pin

Pins are made up of 3 different things – an image, a title, and a description. In order to get the most out of Pinterest, all three aspects must be properly optimized. This includes conducting keyword research, having high-quality images, and having links back to your website that are relevant to the Pin. 

High-Quality Image and Title

Tall images work the best on Pinterest because of the way the platform is designed. The best images are 735 pixels x 1102 pixels. Additionally, they should be quality with no pixelation. Pinterest users love pins that are well designed, creative, and beautiful. Using original images is best, but it is possible to use other content. Just be sure to give proper credit to the owner when using their images. 

The title should be reflective of what the Pin is about. While that may be self-explanatory, some images are not telling enough to determine what the link is about. The title of the Pin should help entice the user to open the Pin, and, in some cases, adding text to the image itself can also help. This can be a deciding factor on whether or not a pin gets opened. 

Relevant Links

Similar to above, the link associated with a pin should be relevant to the Pin itself. Some businesses add links to different images just to gain traffic, but this will not engage or promote a quality audience. The link can also be added to the image itself, instead of only in the description. For images that already have website links (such as clothing stores), add the site link to the Pin first, and it will automatically pull up the image. 

Adding a UTM code to the end of a link can help you track your site’s traffic from Pinterest. This can help you determine which specific pins are bringing in traffic and what keywords or images are working. 

Rich Descriptions

Descriptions can be overlooked by a lot of accounts on Pinterest. However, it is one of the easiest ways to utilize keywords and help your pins show up for specific queries. The first 50 characters are what users will see, so it’s important to make them enticing and explain exactly what the user should expect if they click on the link. 

Lastly, rich pins pull information from a website onto a pin. This can include pricing information, information about recipes, or titles and descriptions for a blog. Rich pins cannot be utilized for every business, but if it applies to yours, you should definitely use them. 

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