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Can I Add Products to my GMB Listing?

We all know the importance of an optimized GMB listing. It’s the most utilized source by your customers to help them get ahold of your business or visit a location. As Google keeps adapting to keep up with the user’s needs, they are implementing new ways to help gain exposure for your business. This is where products come in. 

As users search for specific products “near me,” this addition will help your business rank first. Keep reading to learn if product listings on GMB are right for you and how to add them. 

Who can add products to their GMB listing?

Small and medium-sized businesses can add products to their GMB listings. This also includes local restaurants, however, the process is a bit different. 

If you sign in to your GMB account, look on the left side menu to see if there is a link for “Products.” This is the clearest indication your business can utilize this feature. Like anything, there are certain limitations on the products you can list – learn more about product exceptions

What types of products can be added?

The types of “products” that can be added don’t even need to be products at all. This includes:

  • Merchandise
  • Virtual Inventory
  • Services

Google has no issue linking services and products, so if your company offers both, feel free to list them. If your business has many products, try listing out top sellers or one from each type of category. Additionally, whatever product you list last will show up first. 

How to add products to a GMB Listing

To list your products, you need a few things first. Make sure you have:

  • Product image & name
  • Category
  • Price
  • Description
  • Product link
  • Button

After navigating to the “Products” link on your GMB listing, click “Get Started” on the pop-up.

Next, fill in all the information you gathered earlier, including a 1200 x 900 size graphic. For the first product, you will need to create a category, however, all categories will show up for future products. 

The price and description sections are optional. Prices can include a range if that applies to the listing. However, it’s recommended to take advantage of the description to make the most out of the opportunity. Testimonials will also work here. 

For the call-to-action section, your options include Buy, Learn More, Order Online, or Get Offer. Be sure to link the listing to the appropriate page on your website. You can even utilize UTM tagging here to see how listings are performing in Google Analytics.

Lastly, double-check all of your information is correct and hit save. In a few minutes to a few hours, your products will be listed on your GMB account. Users who search for your business or products you have will be able to filter through these products by category, or they can “View All.”

Improve your GMB Listing with Boston Web Marketing

GMB listings are effective at gaining exposure, increasing sales, and improving your organic traffic. If you are ready to start utilizing your GMB account, contact the experts at Boston Web Marketing to get started!

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