Can Facebook Messenger Bots Help Business?

You’ve probably stumbled across brands you follow on Facebook and notice a small pop-up window on the right corner offering their services to you. Is there a way I can use this for my business? Absolutely, according to Headliner Labs, people are 3.5 times more likely to open a Facebook message than their email. Facebook Messenger bot is a great way to communicate with your customers and build a relationship. The Bots are programmed to grasp questions and provide answers that are best suited to the user queries.  

Advantage of using a chatbot for business


Can be built for different goals

Chatbots can generate leads. It can be built to help with customers’ journey in a relatively simple process. It’s a cost-efficient way to measure lead generation and marketing automation. Whether your marketing goal is having customers sign up for a seminar, brand awareness, or collecting new lead information, chatbots can supply for all and more! 

Saves time and money

Customers expect to have an immediate response whenever they need answers 24/7. Fortunately, by setting up automated messages to answer simple questions, you can minimize that awful waiting on hold line just to answer a couple of questions. Free up your time helping your customers track their delivery or book appointments and allow Messenger chatbot to take control. 

Re-target your customers

One of the benefits of bots is that they retain information, meaning you can take advantage of reaching out to your target audience personally without spending too much on advertising. Bots do a great job of reminding customers that they recently purchased an item one year ago or still have an item sitting in the carts. 

Are there any case studies with Facebook Chatbot?

Marriott Hotel

Mariott has been ahead of the game since 2016, where they first created their Facebook chatbot to allow guests to enter their details of dates, city to receive available hotel suggestions. The platform was a big hit as the chatbot provided their guest’s local information from Marriott’s magazine based on the hotel location.

Bud Light

During an NFL season in 2017, Bud Light took the initiative of creating a chatbot that could order and deliver a case of beer within an hour during game days. Customers were able to select their favorite team. With its geo-targeting system, it could pick its local delivery companies in that area and bring beers to their customers on time. The bot also cleverly reminds its registered users of each game to stock up their fridge. This method saw an increase of 83 percent engagement rate. 

When it comes to moving forward with the marketing system, consider investing in a Facebook chatbot to be efficient with your customer satisfaction. If you are looking to optimize and improve your search visibility, contact Boston Web Marketing to get you where you deserve to be.




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