Can Customer Reviews Help My SEO?

We all know the benefit of good customer reviews. They can be the difference between a new customer making a purchase or not. But did you know that customer testimonials can also be beneficial to SEO? Continue reading to learn more about the SEO benefits of customer reviews. 

Utilize More Keywords

Google looks at your customer reviews as pieces of content. Use this to your advantage by utilizing the keywords they use. No one can communicate better to your customer than your customers themselves. 

As customers leave new reviews, Google will crawl them and use keywords to associate with your business. This will help give Google a better idea of what your business offers and can impact search results, no matter if the review is positive or negative. 

Improve Click-through Rate

While it is still important to develop website SEO, you can get ahead of your competition by collecting customer reviews and installing rich snippets. This will show reviews underneath products for queries. 

Having more reviews helps build trust among your customers and can improve your click-through rate. CTR helps SEO, as it’s a ranking factor for Google. 

Google likes Reviews

Links are a baseline of good SEO, and Google looks at positive reviews the same way. The more positive reviews you have, the more value your website will have to Google. Positive reviews signal to Google that your website and products are of high quality, just as backlinks signal credible information. 

Additionally, responding to all reviews is a good way to boost interaction. Regardless of the review being positive or negative, it should receive a response. It increases the number of keywords for Google to crawl, it shows you’re regularly updating your website, and it increases the chance of negative reviews being changed to positive reviews. 

Benefits Local SEO

With the layout of local business reviews, they do not show as much information as standard listings. Having more positive reviews indicates quality to the searcher, as well. Customers are more likely to purchase or visit a location after reading positive reviews. 

In fact, 93% of purchasers read reviews before making a purchase, so it’s important to have them available. This will also help to lower your bounce rate. 

Receive More Customer Reviews with Boston Web Marketing

The experts at Boston Web Marketing are here to help you get more customer reviews for the upcoming year. Tell us about your business goals, and we will help develop a plan for success. 

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