How Can a CRM System Improve My SEO?

Your CRM system contains important data about your customers. This helps you learn more about potential new customers and form your SEO strategy. Using insights from customers that you already have makes it easier to gain new customers. SEO has so many diverse aspects that allow you to leverage information that you’ve got from previous customers. Your CRM must align with your SEO objectives; they need to work hand in hand to move your business forward. 

Stay in Harmony

With your CRM system, you can see which products or services your customers use the most; you can see which areas of your business may need attention and more. In addition to storing information about your customers, most CRM systems allow you to reach out to your customers with surveys, emails, and more to gain additional insights. You can then implement these learnings into your SEO strategy. Discovering new keywords that you may not have been part of your strategy or creating an FAQ page answering common questions can be a great way to “kill two birds with one stone.” 

Nurture Your Leads

Your SEO strategy will help get web users to your content, but you’ve got to make sure that they can engage with that content or that you have some other way to follow up with them. You can learn more about what kind of users are coming to your website by using your CRM. In turn, this will help you create a better SEO strategy that improves your business overall. 

Keep Consistent

CRMs help you stay organized and consistent as your business grows, it helps all of your organizational channels stay on the same page. Consistent messaging is a crucial aspect of SEO and marketing overall, the more content that you have built around a topic improves your authority on that topic. With a consistent focus, you can start building a catalog of content on topics important to your industry that will get you ranked favorably on SERPs. As your authority on a topic grows, so will your social media engagement and linking profile. CRMs help make your customer’s needs more clear to you, which helps you meet those needs. 

Improve CX

The primary purpose of a CRM system is to nurture and improve the relationship & experience that you offer to your customers. This includes sales, marketing, and every other aspect of your business. SEO is strongly related to customer experience; after all, you’re trying to answer user’s questions with your content. The first step in offering a good experience in knowing what a pleasant experience means to your customers. CRMs give you insights into this and other behaviors of your top customers. 

Gain Off-Site Reviews

SEO can also be impacted by mentions of your company outside of your own website, third party review sites like Angie’s List, Google My Business, and Yelp count to users. Being listed on these sites with high-quality reviews will help your positioning on search result pages. Leveraging your CRM should help you gain more positive reviews and improve your SEO. You can even send blasts asking recent customers to review you on third-party sites. 

CRMs are a powerful tool; it’s important to use the information you have to move your business forward. You can gain an SEO edge by using data you’ve already got! Contact our team at Boston Web Marketing today if you need help developing your digital marketing strategy, our services include web development, SEO, and more.

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