Businesses With No Address: How to Optimize A Listing As A Home Service Provider

Are you a business that doesn’t have a set business location? Do you travel around to different towns and provide your services that way? If so, we’re here to ensure your business is nonetheless optimized compared to those who’s customers come to them! Whether you’re a beauty, healthcare, or other in-home provider or service delivery business, there are ways to optimize your Google Business Profile, Bing Places, and other listings to their full capacity. Discover what to add to your Google Business Profile and how to optimize your business listing as an at-home service provider below! 

Setting Up A Google Business Profile With No Physical Address

To ensure your Google Business Listing is optimized for users and search engines, there are a few things to be sure to set up and include for your business. Creating a Google Business Profile allows you to improve your online presence and make it easy for users to find your business locally. 

Enter Your Business Information

The first step to every Google Business Profile is entering all your business information. Whether you want a physical address displayed or not, all your information is needed to start. This includes name, address, phone number, website URL, and a short description of your business. You can also add hours, products or services, and social media profile links. 

Select Your Business Category & Service Area

Next, you can choose the category your business falls in and the specific service areas you are looking to target. These can include your location and the areas around there that you are looking to target clients from. Google allows you to enter up to 20 locations that your business serves. 

Verify Your Listing

Once all your information and details about your business are in, you can verify your listing. This can be done in a few ways. Sometimes, a postcard will be mailed to your billing address with a code to verify the listing. Other times, you will be asked to take a video of the location of the business to prove it is accurate. Once Google verifies your account, your listing will go live, and you can make other edits as necessary. 

How To Hide/Delete Your Address on Google Business Profile

For businesses such as mobile medics, home tutors, wedding photographers, online therapists, makeup artists, and more, you may need a physical address for your business. To avoid confusion and having people show up to your billing address, Google now offers a way to hide your business location. This can easily be turned off and on under business profile settings, click “business information”, and then look under “location”. There, you will see the option to hide your business, and any changes will be shown in about 2-3 days after Google accepts them. Hiding your address is easy and will avoid confusion with customers coming to you when your business really travels to them!

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