Businesses Can Now Sell Through Facebook Messenger

As the popularity of Facebook’s messenger continues to rise, so does its value to businesses and brands. Facebook has been letting brands and businesses use bots to engage with consumers through messenger since April. A new feature they just launched is the ability to make purchases without leaving the messenger app.

If a user is interested in a brand’s or business’s product, the bot can send that user a message with the product through messenger. These product messages will now have a “Buy Now” option in which users can tap on. Once the button is tapped on, the user will be taken through a simple check out process. Users will see basic checkout information through this checkout process that they can set up within the messenger app itself.

facebook messenger buy

Users can then tap “Pay” and they will see an order confirmation, as well as a receipt they have the option of viewing depending on their preference. This will give brands new outlet to reach their customers as well as another platform to get their products seen and purchased.

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