Businesses Beware; Yelp is on the Prowl

Businesses, that are new to internet marketing, have come to the realization that Yelp can be an effective tool to use; if they have the clients to leave good reviews. However, some businesses, for one reason or another, can’t seem to make all of their customers happy.

In fact, some may have customers, who were so disappointed in their services, that they will write a one or two star review on a Yelp page. When business owners see these bad reviews, they start to panic, and some may even begin to think irrationally.

There are some businesses that will sink as slow as paying people to write positive reviews on their Yelp accounts. Last October Yelp started to crack down on these fake reviews, by upping their filtering abilities. However, that didn’t stop businesses from offering up incentives, discounts, and coupons to customers to leave five star reviews.

Over the last couple of weeks, Yelp found businesses who were offering up incentives to customers in order to get good reviews. Yelp really laid the whip on these businesses. To those businesses, who offered up incentives, Yelp suspended their account, and posted this nice little blurb on their business page.

Yelp isn’t clowning around anymore; they are being more assertive in their efforts to crack down on fake reviews. This nice little message will stay on the business’s Yelp page for 90 days, for the world to see.

If you’re thinking about offering up money and other incentives to customers in exchange for good reviews, you might want to think again!

By Joe Giorgianni

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