Building Your Online Authority with Content

One way your website can grow in online rankings is to build authority behind your brand. Authority is considered a ranking factor by Google and takes months to build. By following these steps, you can work on building up your brand and becoming a leader in the field online.

Building a Content Strategy

Users will have questions about your business, services or industry, and by building out your website content, you will be able to grow your rankings for specific keywords. Having a strategy will enable you to see consistent results and provide you with topics for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months moving forward, keeping you accountable when people ask about pages or blogs. You will also be able to build content around seasonal items like services and product launches where you may see spikes in traffic or conversions. By taking the time to plan out your content, you will be able to build content around customer questions, helping you create featured snippets in search results.

Tell Your Readers What You Know

You have knowledge in your field that people searching for your business will not, and sharing some of that information will help build your brand authority. By making sure you are writing fleshed-out content that is easy for users to read and search engines to crawl that can answer questions or solve problems potential customers may face, you can give your readers the value they need to use and recommend your business and website to others.  By providing the answers they need to move forward, you will be able to build trust in the industry and community online.

Write Long-Form Pieces About Target Keywords

Longer content that goes more in-depth about topics you are looking to target in search results provides you with a more effective look at your expertise than a short blog or social media post. You can also use longer posts to provide a more detailed answer to the questions your users have about products and services. You can form it as an informational article or a frequently asked question, walking someone through a process as simple as making macaroni and cheese or complex like changing a door handle. By using long-tail keywords and phrases like “how-to,” you can build your ranking until you are in the coveted top spot.

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