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Search Engine Optimization Specialists are familiar with the importance of Social Media — especially in the context of Google’s expected new versions of Panda expected to be rolled out in 2012. While SEO Specialists are still waiting on the precise details of the algorithm changes expected with the upcoming Panda updates, what we do know now is that new, original content will play a central role. What does that mean for business owners with good SEO ranking seeking to maintain their keyword rankings as Panda evolves? Most likely, it means that the content on websites (generally static content) will tend to be less of a focus for Google than content in social media: Twitter, Facebook, & Google Plus accounts, for example, because social media provides a natural platform for new, original content. Some SEO Specialists use social media consolidators – dashboards that allow users to sign into all social media accounts linked to the dashboard with a single set of log in information. One company that offer a social media consolidator dashboard is HootSuite, and they’ve just released a new product that makes keeping yourself social media savvy easier.

For under $30. a month, HootSuite University, accessible at, offers video-based social media training and certification, including badges that can be displayed on the HootSuite university student’s website. For SEO specialists looking to brush up their social media skills in preparation for Panda 3.0, HootSuite University could be a great option. You could even update your blog, Twitter & Facebook accounts through the HootSuite consolidator dashboard (or any of the other viable alternatives) while attending a HooteSuite University webinar. Now that’s multitasking.

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