‘Bug’ Responsible for Local Search Rankings Impacted during April & May

Notice a decrease in local traffic last month and even at the beginning of June? You were not the only one. While at times this can mean an update on Google’s end now made your site less relevant to queries or your competition is gaining ground in terms of SEO, this change in results was a bug on Google end. We wanted to write a blog highlighting what is being discussed throughout the SEO community and how Google resolved the issue!

SEO Community and Google Working Together

This has happened a few times before and seems to be the best way to get answers from Google. A number of local SEO experts noticed some fluctuating results from generally high performing webpages that they manage. After some additional digging, these local SEO’s took to community boards and concluded this was not only one site, industry, or type of search being impacted. By reaching out publicly to Google Search officials, the investigation was set afoot.

Google’s Response

Google acted quickly to see what these marketers were referring to and if their pages had been impacted negatively through no fault of their own. Google asked marketers to send examples of pages impacted during April and May to conduct an investigation on their own to understand what caused the decrease in rankings. The pages in questions were either no longer appearing or intermittently appearing on Google Maps and Google Search/

Google’s Action

Within two weeks after being provided examples from trusted members of the SEO community, Google announced that they had found and resolved the bug that was causing it. The Google Employee said that the results have since stabilized, but they will continue to monitor moving forward.

The Bigger Picture

Real-life examples of the SEO community and Google working together is important for business owners to understand. With Google making multiple small adjustments to its algorithm daily, things like this can happen. Decreased search rankings are not necessarily a result of poorly optimized content or your competition making leaps and bounds over you. While those are some of the first things to consider, taking to a message board or a trusted SEO online resource can give you insight into what is happening in the industry.

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