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Bringing The Customer Service Experience Online

Customer satisfaction is the holy grail for businesses, and is a crucial aspect of running a successful online presence.  With social media and online reviews in the mix, this brings in a different element to customer satisfaction outside of the in-person experience.
Because consumers demand quick and quality customer service, it’s imperative to provide a positive, user-friendly experience on your website and social media.
A few things to keep in mind while implementing a valuable online customer service experience include:

  • Providing a frequently asked questions page (FAQ) to eliminate common questions
  • Installing a live chat feature on your website
  • Delivering quick responses from contact forms and social media
  • Respecting customer privacy by refraining from asking for sensitive information
  • Humanizing the experience by acknowledging that you’re a person representing the company while speaking to another person who is the consumer

The best way to provide a personable online customer service experience it to remember to be a human.  When providing an in-person customer service experience, you want to be resourceful, but also be aware that not every customer you engage with has a full understanding of industry-specific jargon, and it’s your job to be the expert.  Your customer experience interactions are opportunities for you to be a friendly guide in the industry.
Engaging with customers online allows your business to become more intimate, and frames the interaction as one between people, rather than keeping the conversation as just business and customer.


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