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Nowadays if you have a brand, you’re more likely to have a Facebook or Twitter page if you’re trying to build a strong following. But oversaturating the market with your brand can back fire as well.  Understand how each social media platform (Twitter/Facebook) is used and which one is more effective for your specific product/service.  A recent market research study by AYTM (Ask Your Target Market) asked about 2,000 web users an array of questions pertaining to how they get information on brands and their uses of social media sites to get updates on a product/service.

-When asked if they belonged to Twitter of Facebook, 85% said they had a Facebook account.  While only 49% having a Twitter feed.

-The group was asked which site do they use more on a regular basis, the consensus was overwhelmingly in Facebook’s favor.  At about 74% compared to the 35% of people that use Twitter daily.

-To see if the subjects had a good network of friends/followers online, they were asked if they had at least 100 friends for Facebook or Twitter.  For Twitter 25% percent of the users had at least 100 friends, while a more substantial 57% was for

-Another part of the study was on brand interaction on social media:

-For Twitter, 29% of people follow a brand, 39% have tweeted about a brand and 29% have retweeted on about brand.

-For Facebook, 58% of users liked a brand, 42% have commented on a brand with a status update and 41% have shared a link, video or story about a brand.

– Most of the study goes on to point out one obvious fact, and that users are more likely to use Facebook as to Twitter.  So spend more of your time working on a building a strong Facebook following as your base and use Twitter to attract
others more input on your brand.


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