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How can you make sure that your business rises to the top of the search engine results?  Although different types of press releases have different needs, they all have one thing in common. They need to be captivating. If you want your press release to be discovered, by search engines, journalists, customers or investors, your entire press release process needs to be focused on providing an engaging experience for your audience.

A press release is usually written for members of the news media, for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy.  In the days before the internet, press releases were actually mailed or faxed to editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations, or television networks to get the media to discuss the particular topic that was written about. But, today, there are a number of services providing a place for your press release to be found.

Press releases can be valuable to your business because they can be picked up by another organization or persons looking for something good to write about. If you feel your company has done something notable, then you should put out a press release!

If you do decide to release an online press release, here are the most important elements to include:
Headline- A newsworthy headline is very important; your headline should grab people’s attention. Not only should it grab a reader’s attention, but your headline should also be interesting enough to pique the interest of a writer or editor. That way, they are more like to actually read your material, and consider using it a source for themselves. Don’t just state what the article is about – use words and phrases that grab people’s attention.
Date- Include a date with your article so it appears fresh and relevant. No one wants to publicize old news, so the appearance of up-to-date content is important.
Links- Make sure you insert links in your article! This is that will drive traffic to your site. So, use important keywords as anchor text. You will be directing search engines and casual readers to your site. Make sure you link to your website, and link to your blog, too!
Contact information- Unlike a blog post, you press release should invite people to contact you for additional information. This way, you may be contacted for a quote, or for more information. Appearing as an expert in your field is ideal for any retailer, so getting your opinion or quote added to an article has a lot of added value, aside from the obvious link-building opportunities.
Press releases are a great form of PR. If you are interested in more PR techniques or would like to hire BWM to promote your business online contact us at or call 857.526.0096.

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