Boosting Post Engagement

After making that perfect company blog, the next step is to promote it through all of the platforms your business is associated with. All of your social media accounts and, if you have it, directly use email marketing. This is to ensure your audience is seeing this brand’s new content which will then increase traffic to your website and gain new leads. What happens sometimes is that the posts are live but not much engagement is occurring. Here are some tips you can use to help increase post engagement.

  • Headline: This will be the first thing users will read before even clicking on the link  to your blog. The headline needs to be attention grabbing and spark the reader’s interest if the post is to ever get noticed. Depending if it is a “how to”, “tips”, or industry news blog you can swing the headline accordingly. If the headline makes you want to read the blog, it will have the same effect on other readers.
  • Images: If you promote a blog post on your social media accounts such as Facebook and Google Plus, there are thumbnails that appear after you enter the link. This is a perfect time to utilize good photos that relate to the topic. Besides the headline, the thumbnail will also be the first thing readers see. If a post has a photo on it, there is a higher chance of a click through rate because visuals are more pleasing to the eye than text.
  • Timing: Timing is everything, as it can make or break your promotion campaign. If you are not sharing your post at the right times it could easily be overlooked and be a waste of time. Use the insights option that some social media platforms offer to find out when your audience is online the most. Some offer the days of the week and even time of day that your post will most likely be seen.



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