Boosting Interest with Images

An article was recently posted which offered ten suggestions for different types of images to share across your company’s social media profiles in order to increase customer interest and engagement.  Social media management continues to become an increasingly important area of the overall exposure and success of your business or brand online; taking a few minutes to post and update your current followers is one of the easiest ways to maintain your presence on these networks and potentially reach new audiences as well.  So, what are a few of the suggested types of images to use?

1) “The Product Shot”- Whether you are a business that offers intangible services or you are a company that manufactures actual material items, you are providing a product to your clients.  Display your product rather than just explaining it.  People like to see what it is that you are offering, how good it looks, what is going on, and if it is worth the investment.

2) “The Team Picture”- Humanize your brand and allow followers to see the faces behind it all.  By offering photos of your staff and team as a whole, you really are able to help people connect with your business on a more personal level; ultimately, you become more relatable and more approachable which can encourage potential new clients to feel more comfortable reaching out and inquiring about your services and what you can offer them.

3) “The Spotlight on Your Fans”- Put the focus on your clients every now and then and allow them to have the attention in a post.  Whether it is someone who you have recently completed a project for, he/she has just written a great testimonial, or it is a recent buyer of your product and they are showcasing it, there are numerous ways to feature a current client.  People enjoy and appreciate this kind of acknowledgement, and it is a great way to boost their chances of returning to you in the future, referring you to others and spreading the word about your brand.

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