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By now, everyone is well aware of the impact the use of social media and blogging can have on your company’s SEO plan.  But if you build it, how do you make them come and help generate those great SEO-helpful links?  Here are some tips for getting your posts noticed.

As with your regular site content and Google’s love of all things fresh and new, content rules the roof. Not only do you need to regularly update your blog, but you need for your blog posts to be worthwhile. It’s all about quality.

If you focus your content to your intended audience and not just share others’ information, but take the time to craft well thought out opinions, observations, and editorials about your business or products or industry trends, people will want to read it.

Also, make sure you know what you are talking about.  Be well-versed in your topic so the posts do not seem shallow or vague.   If your posts are educational or entertaining, that goes a long way to encouraging return visitors and referrals.

As a part of your SEO strategy, drop some of your keywords into your text.  But naturally.  Keywords and synonyms that do not stuff your content are another great way to optimize you blog content.

And remember, through some links outward to others.  Oftentimes, they will return the favor.


-Don MacMelville

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