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So, you’re using a blog as a part of your SEO plan.  You’re updating it frequently to keep the content fresh and readers coming back.  The only problem is … honestly, they can be boring to write.

After a while of working in your keywords and links and, let’s face it, similar subject matter, you might need to think about ways to break the routine and shake things up a bit.

How about doing a video blog?  Maybe you are still trying to put a fresh spin on similar topics, but at least you don’t have to come up with the words to write about it.  Just talking about things in a more casual or relaxed manner can give you a break from the writing tedium and jazz up the blog experience a bit for your visitors.

Of course, you could also invite guest bloggers to participate in your forum.  Other writers will often have a different take or experience level on the subject at hand.  Why not use them and give yourself a writing break once in a while?

Let your readers guide you or even do the work for you.  Open you blog up to questions and comments.  Ask questions or create and let the readers answer.  This way you have a blog that is more interactive, but it also helps to create content you can use for future blogs.

Take turns with others. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we rotate the blogs among our staff.  This way each writer knows when his blog is due and has time to prepare and think about content.

Uh … any questions or comments?

-Donald MacMelville

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