How do I generate blog ideas?

One of the more important ranking factors for Google is content. This means generating quality informative text and pages throughout your site will be a positive in the eyes of Google. A blog is the perfect SEO technique that is used to push out content. After you have come up with this great idea to put a blog onto your site, unfortunately generating ideas to blog about is easier said then done.  How & where can you find blog ideas?

The first thing you can do is think of business news and information you want your customers to know. This is easy, you know whats going on and it informs all your potential customers. Here are a number of other techniques you can use:

    1. Google Webmasters: With Google Webmasters integrated into your site, you will be able to see most search queries others use when getting to your site. Real customer questions and searches will be there right for you.
    2. Industry Blogs: Your competition is a great place to get ideas.
    3. Pinterest: Pinterest is a free website where people post collections of images and media content. All you need to do is type relative keywords, and informative articles and topics are easy to find.

These three options will be your best friend. While you will may have plenty of ideas in your head, time comes when you need ideas. Try them out and blog away!

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