Blekko: Comparing Search Engine Results

Bing is making a major push for a chunk of Google Search’s piece of the search user market. Google still holds about 65% of the search market, but monthly numbers show that it is losing small pieces to Bing. Yahoo has checked out of the search game; all their search results are powered by Bing. And at the bottom of the search engine market share table, smaller search engines and fallen titans like AOL and continue to hang on to small percentages of the search market share.

One of these smaller and seldom used search engines, Blekko, offers to compare its results against the results provided by Bing and Google. The fun comes in after you enter your search query into Blekko’s “3 Engine Monte” tool. To play 3 Engine Monte, enter your search term into Blekko’s search bar followed by “/monte”. Blekko provides the search results in three columns. The result listings are all formatted the same way, but each search engine is providing different results. Since there is no indication of which search engine has provided the results for a given column, picking what you feel to be the most relevant result may lead to some surprising revelations as to what search engines are providing the results that you value the most.

As you play with 3 Engine Monte, remember that Blekko is a free, community driven site that values quality content even more than Google and Bing. Blekko’s results are also curated by humans to filter spam from its search results page. While each search engine assembles its algorithm differently, every search engine has the same goal—provide links the sites that are most relevant to a user’s search term. These algorithms are designed to collect the best sites on the web and make them visible to users. Every search engine considers keyword density, inbound links, and website design and structure differently, but every search engine respects good content. Your website is your space to prove to the internet that you are the best company in your field. Use this to your advantage by producing outstanding content.

-Andrew Wise

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