Bing’s Page Zero Experience

Later last week, Bing released a detailed overview of their new Page Zero Experience; a new search feature that offers links directly from the search box with shortcuts to relevant information associated with the search term(s).

According to Bing representatives, this search feature gives the “best” auto-completion suggestions, and displays only rich and relevant information related directly to the search terms.

They claim this new break through provides the user with search results quicker than the blink of an eye!

To give you an idea of how this Page Zero feature works, I conducted a search for “New England Patriots”; Bing provided the official website, schedule, news and other relatable links to the New England Patriots.

To show how Page Zero delivers the most useful, popular and relevant links associated with a search term, I used the search term Boston Logan Airport, and Bing brought me links to the website, parking, arrivals, hotels, and more.

Bing’s main goal with this new development is to help users find information faster and more efficiently. For more information on this new breakthrough, try a search in Bing for yourself, and experience the Page Zero for yourself!


By Joe Giorgianni

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