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Bing’s New Autocomplete Suggestion Feature

Bing has improved their autocomplete technology for movie titles and academic paper queries this past week! They used technology that was designed by Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and Academic Search Team. Bing’s new autocomplete update for their academic related searches now allows users to explore different authors, papers, topics and publications through a large object graph. Bing will now have more relevant searches for queries like “find all papers by an author” or “find papers about a specific topic shown at a conference” by having real time autocomplete suggestions.

bing autocomplete suggestions for academic papers

Also, Bing’s new updated autocomplete suggestion feature for movie titles help users by analyzing the user’s natural language input to formulate their query better. Then Bing determines intent with “lightning fast” technology to show the most likely interpretations. Before, Bing’s autocomplete suggestions came from a user’s previous queries and search trends but now with the new autocomplete update, users will get the most relevant queries with their first ever query search on the site for movie titles and academic paper queries.

bing autocomplete suggestions for movie titles

Check out more information about Bing’s latest updates on our blog here  and here!

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