Bing Updates for Android & iOS Apps

Bing updated their Android and iOS apps to support more findings with less searching for users. Bing made updates to their iOS apps in December offering a bar scanner, in-store price comparisons, third-party app integration and other features that are useful. Bing has updated their iOS app again and launched a whole new version for Androids this week.

This was a big update for Androids essentially making Bing features equal to what they offer their iOS users.  Both apps are now enabling users to get more information with less typing, helping users “find” and “do” faster. Bing’s iOS app has third-party link and app integrations into their results and profile pages. For example, they have restaurant profile pages that integrate deep links and content from Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, OpenTable, and more. Uber is also integrated in their app under the “get a ride” icon. The only difference between the Android and iOS app is that the iPhone app has a “deals” button on the homepage which enables search by bar codes or category buttons, while the Android app doesn’t. Bing posted on their blog more details and examples about their new updates.

Bing Update for Android and iOS apps

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