Bing to Update Quality Score

For Bing Ads, one of the most important elements for determining placement is its quality score. In the next several days, Bing will make some small updates to quality score that will change some terminology and make it easier for advertisers to determine how their ads are performing.

For those that use Bing Ads, you can expect to see the following changes in the next couple days: Landing page user experience will now be called “landing page experience”. Landing page relevance will be called “ad relevance”. Keyword relevance will now be called “expected click-through rate”. These factors are only changing in terminology, so scores will not be changing, and will continue to be seen on a scale from one to ten. The change in terminology better reflects how these terms are used in the industry.

Also coming in the update will be more information about user behavior in the marketplace and more extensive reporting. The details of the improved reporting are not yet clear. Regardless of the changes, the success to Bing Ads quality score is essentially the same: relevant landing pages with relevant keywords, and well written ads.

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