Bing Teams Up with CBS Interactive to Boost Mobile

Microsoft just announced a deal with CBS Interactive in an attempt to boost their mobile search volume. The tech company’s search engine, Bing, has not seen an improvement in mobile search (3%) and falls behind even that of Yahoo’s statistics (5%).

With Google owning more than 91% of the mobile search volume, Bing’s partnership with CBS Interactive could help give the search engine the volume it needs. CBS Interactive’s audience is 70% mobile and the entire network includes,,, and, among others. The partnership also allows Bing to receive mobile traffic from Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United State.

Consumer and Advertiser Benefits

Steve Sirich, General Manager of Bing Ads Marketing, believes that this move will help bring more exposure to advertisers who are using the search engine platform. As audiences continue to use CBS Interactive websites, more advertisers and publishers will benefit and Bing hopes to improve their ad revenue as well.

Along with the CBS Interactive syndication deal, Bing has also teamed up with AOL, Yahoo, The Wall Street Journal and Amazon Fire. In the future, the online marketing and SEO industry can look forward to more return on investment when starting a Bing Adwords campaign.


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