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Bing Rolls Out Chatbots for Local Restaurants’ Search Results

In its latest efforts, Microsoft will be introducing bots to its Bing local search results. More specifically, chatbots, will be integrated into local business results through Microsofts’ Bot Framework. The thought behind this is to make search results more interactive and transactional.

At first it was only being tested with a few Seattle-based restaurants, but it is officially being rolled out now. It is still only available to restaurants however, but is available for Bing, Skype and SMS. To take advantage of the chatbot, businesses will not have to do anything technical. All they need to do is answer a few questions and then accept the agreement terms. Microsofts’ recently launched Business Bot program will automatically create a bot from the data it finds in Bing Places.

After answering the bot’s questions and accepting the terms, a chat button will appear on your Bing search result:

bing chat bot lola restaurant

Internet searchers will be able to ask simple questions such as “Do you accept reservations?” or “Is your restaurant kid friendly?” If the bot is not able to answer a question, it will direct the user to the businesses phone number. An excellent feature of the chatbot is that it will ask the business owner questions based on what users are searching for. That information will then be added to the chatbots’ data.

Why the bot is useful:

  • It creates better customer experience.
  • It is automatically created and updated for the business user.
  • It will be available for across other channels such as Facebook Messenger and Cortana.

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