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Bing Quietly Adds Mobile Friendly Label to Mobile Search Results

Yesterday we discussed the revamp that Bing recently did to their mobile homepage, and today we can start to expect a “Mobile Friendly” label to roll out for Bing mobile search results should any given site be mobile-friendly.  As always, Google was first to implement this new update, and while that search engine is often notorious for grand announcements, Bing took a much more subtle approach and made the addition quietly and without much notice.

While it has been reported that Bing was in talks of implementing mobile friendly ranking techniques of their own, there is no confirmation at this point as to whether or not they are officially working on their own mobile-friendly algorithm.  What we do know is that Bing has spent a good deal of time and effort on enhancing their mobile appearance and functionality, and it would not be surprising if mobile-friendly ranking strategies and updates continue in the future.


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